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Welcome to Manasi Seating Tech

VKM Manasi Seating System is South India’s one of the leading manufactures of the widest range of chairs, sofas and stoots. Begun as VKM enterprises in 1990, the company was fully incorporated as VKM Manasi Seating System in 2003. The ISO 9001-2008 certified company, having completed more than two decades of rewarding existence, caters to the interests of varied segments with highly innovative products and after sales support.

VKM Manasi specializes in providing the most inventive designs which are perfectly suited for modern day living. Its relentless research and efforts in integrating the best aspects, which guarantee a comfortable easy sitting, have positively leveraged in bringing out the most favoured series of seating systems. Accordingly, VKM Manasi, offers you an array of standard and premium classes of chairs which are truly exceptional in aesthetics, design and comfort.

In tune with the trend of time,VKM Manasi employs the most advanced manufacturing system, and it has a full-fledged manufacturing unit to take care of the production.

Chair Manufacturers in Calicut

Manasi seating Tech under brand name VKM believes that its market expects a continually improving service. Our policy is to continually improve the service to meet our clients requirements and to produce finished work that we can justifiably be proud of. We aim to achieve the above by implementing a management system that complies with the international standard of ISO- 9001-2008.It also includes a commitment to meet the requirment of our clients, to continualy development of the system and helping to remains effective.Only by providing on outstanding service and product quality we will achieve our aim of long term success and sustained improvements.


Our vision is to become one of the leading office chair manufacturers by offering innovative and superior quality products in the industry. Deliver high quality products and service as per our customer level of expectation.


Our mission is to provide products with high quality and innovation with functionality. We will achieve our aim by consistently fulfilling the needs of our customers.

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